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Putting Dependability and Customer Service First: Our Model for Client Relations

by | Jan 16, 2024

At Harris & Ward, we understand the unique requirements of doctors, dentists, veterinarians, realtors, and many other specialized fields, and timely responses to our clients’ needs is at the core of our philosophy. Providing a helpful, supportive, and open line of communication with all who work with us ensures that we build connections based on trust and dependability, all with a top-notch standard of customer service.

When working with digital marketing agencies, one common issue people face is poor customer service: whether that means slow project turnaround or trouble getting a hold of anyone to begin with, there are myriad difficulties that clients might deal with. Whether you’re running a small business or a healthcare practice, quick turnaround and reliable communication from a digital marketing team is crucial.

When we onboard a client, our main priority is to get to know their organization and the goals and expectations of the individuals in it. We want to understand the unique challenges you might face in your field, as well as help highlight and celebrate the things that make your practice or small business unique. From the very start, we’re proactive in identifying and addressing any problems, and the first step in this process is making sure our clients are heard. Our service-focused business model means that we truly listen to your concerns– and build upon our strategies for personalized support by integrating your expertise in your field with our own experience and knowledge. We see what we do as collaboration, not just client relations; when you work with Harris & Ward, you work with a tight-knit, efficient team of digital marketing experts who ensure your voice is heard.

We know that past negative experiences with digital marketing agencies can have an effect on doctors’ confidence in the industry. Confusing price models, content ownership fine print, and a lack of strong communication overall can create a great deal of frustration, and impact your ability to do what you do best as a practitioner or business owner. When you’re struggling just to have your marketing needs met for the essentials, it can feel like you’re running in circles trying to promote your services and establish an online presence. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. The experienced team at Harris & Ward has heard all too many stories of poor customer service and dependability, and it’s our goal to provide best-in-class client relations you can rely on. Whether we’re building you a fast, gorgeous website with a keen eye for SEO strategies, or simply hosting your existing site, you can always count on quick responses and  consistent website maintenance.



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