Photo & Video Services.

Learn how custom photography and story-based video can enhance your digital presence. We specialize in documenting small businesses and healthcare providers. Click below for a free quote!

Photo & Video Services.

Learn how custom photography and story-based video can enhance your digital presence. We specialize in documenting small businesses and healthcare providers. Click below for a free quote!

Photo and Video Services Guarenteed
to Grow Your Brand Pressence

Avoid Disruption to Your Business

Avoid disruptions to your work day by partnering with our experienced small business photographers. 

Reuse Your Assets Anywhere

Enjoy the freedom of using your photos & videos anywhere you’d like without the hassle of contracts.

High-Quality, Custom Assets

Standout from the stock options in your industry with beautiful, custom assets that showcase your brand’s personality.


Highlight Your Business with

Custom Photography

An important part of marketing plans that is often overlooked is photography. Humans are proven to be highly visual creatures, possessing the ability to process images over 60,000 times faster than text. So, is there truth in the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?”

Absolutely. Photos of your business allow you to show your staff, work environment, services, and products in a way that cannot be achieved with stock options. Not only does this allow for credibility, authenticity, and transparency, it also humanizes your brand. Stock photos, regardless of how professional, set the wrong expectation for your customers.


Video Production Services for

Small Businesses

Videos are a great way to show people who you are and what you’re about. A high-quality video can build trust quickly between brands and their target audience. Whether your goal is to get pateints to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment or purchase one of yoru newest products, high-quality video production services can help!

Our team has helped businesses all across the country create high-quality brand videos that attract and convert their ideal clients. We look forward to helping you tell your story too!

How it works

Preparing for a

Professional Shoot

Most doctors, lawyers, dentists, and other small business owners are not professional actors, and we know that. We do not expect you to be.

People are attracted to what you care about and what you believe in far more than any product or service you can offer. If your visual branding is not working towards communicating who you are, it is ineffective.

Our videographers are skilled in conversational interviewing to allow you to speak about what you enjoy most without the pressure of a script, resulting in an authentic representation of your business and your brand.

Are you ready to get schedule a professional video or photoshoot for your small business? Contact us today to get started!

Contact Our Team

After we’ve gathered a better understanding of who your company is, what you do, and how we can help, we’ll get to work putting together a custom quote for your production services.

Schedule your shoot

Planning and preparing for a branded photoshoot (even for a small business) is complex and can feel daunting. We want to simplify the process for you so we’ll work with you to schedule a shoot at a time that works best for your team and doesn’t interrupt your team’s work.

Sit back and relax

On the day of your shoot, we will take every precaution to ensure minimal interruption to your team’s workflow. Our equipment is minimal and we take care to only photograph individuals who are comfortable with participating in the shoot and have been approved ahead of time by you and your staff.

Frequently Asked

Do I need to close my office/clinic on the day of a shoot?

No! We love it when our small business clients stay open during a shoot as this gives us the best opportunity to capture you in your element.

In order to make sure that the photoshoot goes as smoothly as possible, we’ll provide you with a list of best practices ahead of time to ensure you, your team, and your customers are prepared on the day of the shoot.

Where will my shoot take place?

The goal with any photo or video shoot is to showcase you in action to give your customers the most authentic look into your business. What better way to do that than a shoot at your business?

Although we work with a number of local clients, we are proud to serve clients nationwide with shoots happening right in their own storefronts, businesses, clinics, and practices. 

What does a typical shoot look like?

Scheduling appropriately is key to a successful photoshoot! For most single-location shoots, we will arrive first thing in the morning and usually wrap up after lunch. However, we don’t let the clock get in the way of capturing your brand in the way it deserves. We will stay until we’ve got what we need, not until a specific time.

We recommend choosing a day for your shoot that is light of meetings/appointments. We want to capture your team in your element but will require some one-on-one time to capture things like testimonials and headshots.

Once you’ve chosen a day for your shoot, we will provide you with a reminder flyer for your office. We encourage you to print a few of these and put them up in your office the week before the shoot, that way everyone remembers and prepares accordingly!

For video shoots, we typically recommend gathering at least 2-3 testimonials. These usually take 10-15 minutes each and work best when they are scheduled ahead of time. We will also set aside about 45 minutes to interview you during a time that the office is fairly quiet (first thing in the morning or over lunch are great options). 

How will I receive my photos and videos?

For most shoots, you can expect to receive your assets within 30 days. These will be sent to you through a shared Dropbox link. 

Are there limits to how my photos/videos can be used?

Before every shoot, we ask for signed waivers from all participants. Once waivers have been signed, you are cleared to use your photos and videos in any capacity you see fit.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t lock you into lengthy contracts that prevent you from using your assets. We love to see our work in print and digital formats and actually encourage you to house them on your brochures, website, and social media pages.

Can my shoot include patients/customers?

Absolutely! We firmly believe there is no better way to connect with prospects than to share the experience of previous customers, patients, and clients. 

We are happy to work with you during your photo or video shoots to capture you and your customers in action. We simply ask that you notify any participants ahead of your shoot so they can be prepared to participate. 

Benefit from Professional

Photos & Videos

Well-executed photography and videography is a powerful tool in engaging your customers. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how your small business could benefit from professional photos and videos!