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The best marketing is

Based on a True Story

When you hear the phrase ‘’based on a true story,’’ it’s usually in reference to a book or a film, and there is a certain amount of intrigue there that naturally draws you in. At Harris & Ward, we believe in promoting you — not just what you do, but why you do it.

People pay attention when they know the story is true and we believe professionals deserve that same amount of potential. The story that we help you uncover is what sets you apart. You are more than a practice or profession and we’re more than an agency, we’re your partner.

Small Business Marketing Agency

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Marketing Services

Find the right channels to tell your story and drive leads to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase the likelihood that your business ranks organically above your competitors through keyword analysis and optimization.

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Local Business Listings

Ensure you are in the best business directories for your needs, your niche, and your market.

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Pay-per-click Advertisement

Leverage paid search opportunities to drive high-quality, targeted leads to your website.

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Facebook Advertising

Utilize powerful advertising platforms like Facebook Advertising to hone in your target audience and drive revenue for your business.

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Branding Services

Maximize your story with high-quality creative and deliver high perceived value.

Website Design Services

Attract customers, clients, and patients to your brand with modern, professional, and appealing design elements.

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Professional Videography

Extend a personal touch with videos, giving your potential clientele an approachable opportunity to know you and your team before they enter your office.

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Custom Photography

Give visitors a glimpse into the heart of your business with small business photography, highlighting moments that highly posed or stock images cannot capture.

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Marketing isn’t your tag line

It’s Your Story

Good marketing is not just about getting people to your website; it’s converting them into a believer in who you are and the services you provide. At Harris & Ward, we know marketing is not just about your tagline but your entire story. That’s why we turn brands into stories that people relate to and want to engage with.

Working with Harris & Ward

Craft Your Story

Brand differentiation isn’t something you find; it’s something you create. We turn brands into stories that people can relate to and want to engage with.

Tell Your Story

Your online presence should be clean and simple, yet captivating. Utilizing custom photography and videography, we will create a website that showcases who you are in a clear, concise, and creative way.

Keep Connecting

By this phase, everything has been inspected for accuracy and efficiency. Using a wide array of marketing strategies, we can help you stay top-of-mind and top-of-market.

We can’t wait to

tell your story

From web development and design to digital marketing, we remove the guesswork and burden of operations so you can focus on doing what you do best. Contact us today to start telling your story!