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Best Chiropractor SEO Company

by | Aug 5, 2022


Could your chiropractic practice use more patients?

To stay competitive, chiropractic offices need SEO to build trust and loyalty among prospective patients. Your practice needs to stand out on search engine results and have an engaging and informative website.

Chiropractors that partner with Harris & Ward can expect improved digital marketing results. Our team has experience in digital marketing for Healthcare, and Chiropractic specifically. We’re able to execute technically and provide savvy marketing strategies – brightening up web presences for chiropractic offices nationwide.

Rank #1 on Google for Your Top Specialties

Get to the first page of Google and let more patients find your chiropractic practice when they search for sports or auto injuries, back pain, prenatal, general wellness services and much more on local search with a tailored SEO and Google Ads strategy for your practice.

Get Stellar Reviews for Your Practice

Get more high-quality and timely reviews from your patients to stand out from the competition. Easily send email and text message reminders to patients after their visit to request reviews and manage your progress against other local competitors every step of the way.

Give Your Chiropractic Practice Website a Facelift

Turn online searches into appointments by getting a professionally designed and mobile-friendly chiropractic website built specifically for you. Showcase your chiropractic services with images and more than 150 pieces of custom content. Educate patients about your specialties with an interactive 3D spine simulator and let them easily book appointments right on your website.

Why Do You Need a Chiropractor SEO Company?


You want the best marketing opportunity available to grow your business. Before, you could rely on traditional marketing methods, but today digital marketing services like SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising and email marketing are more effective. Implementing SEO is especially important for local businesses. Chiropractic SEO services can help you take advantage of the benefits of SEO.

Marketing Has Evolved

There are new and improved ways to present your chiropractic services online. Billions of searches for products and services happen online every day. If someone needs a chiropractor, they’re likely to search for one online. And when they see the search results, they’re more likely to click on one of the top results. That’s where you want your website to be found. If it’s not on the first page, the chances of being found are slim. SEO can help with this.

Increase ROI

Half of all clicks on Google go to the top three search results. This means that if you want to get more traffic to your website, you need to aim to be in the top three. This will result in more qualified traffic and an increase in ROI for your business.

Constant Google Algorithm Updates

You have to consider the fact that Google makes numerous changes to its algorithm every year. These updates can sometimes make it more challenging for your website to rank higher for specific search terms. If you have been doing digital marketing for some time now, you probably know how much these updates can make or break your website traffic. And if you’re not careful enough, your website might even get penalized causing you to lose potential patients and revenue.

Keywords Matter (a lot!)

It’s not enough to have high-quality content today. Your content needs to be rich in keywords so your target audience can easily find you when they use search engines. If you’re not sure which keywords to use, don’t worry. Our chiropractor SEO experts will take care of that part of the process for you. We’ll get to know your business and do an SEO audit, which will identify high-traffic keywords for you.


Grow Your Chiropractic Practice Online

Make it easy for patients looking for chiropractic services to find your practice online. Get a digital marketing solution that drives in more patients to your door.

  • Show Up on Google’s First Page

  • Get More 5-star Reviews

  • See Higher Revenue Patients

  • Dominate Your Local Area Online

  • Outrank Your Competitors

Why It’s Important To Invest In Chiropractic SEO

If you want your website to receive better reach and qualified traffic, you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). Our chiropractic SEO strategy can help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improve your websites search engine rankings

  • Increase organic search traffic

  • Improve your reach to potential patients

  • Increase the number of backlinks you acquire

  • Improve the quality of your Google search traffic

  • Improve your user experience for higher rankings

  • Increase your level of competitiveness through local seo


Interested in learning more about chiropractic marketing provided by the best chiropractor seo company? Give us a shout!

Todd Boak

Todd Boak

Helped form Harris & Ward in 2013. Todd oversees the marketing and advertising functions of the business. From internal marketing efforts to the success of our clients. His expertise lies in strategic marketing, SEO, and digital advertising.