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Reel SEO: How Custom Videography Services Help Your Site Rank

by | Oct 20, 2021

Do you want to rank #1 on Google? It takes a carefully curated approach to SEO, content, products, marketing, and videos. 

More than that, though, it takes a fierce sense of competition. You’ll need to understand what your competitors do, and then do it better. One way to do that is by leveraging videography services to create top-notch SEO content. 

The world of content is changing these days. Once, blogs were king. Now, everyone wants entertaining, informative video content. After all, TikTok’s success didn’t occur in a bubble.

To get the scoop on how videography services will help boost your SEO rankings, keep reading! We’ve assembled a guide to the benefits of video SEO, and how you can leverage it to outrank your competitors. 

Leverage Keywords 

People search for content using keywords. These keywords are unique to their needs, wants, desires, and communication styles. 

It’s important that you can map out the user journey, from keyword search to purchasing from your eCommerce site. This starts with keyword research. 

This research may be time-consuming, but it’s necessary for effective video SEO optimization. These keywords will dictate your video script, the closed captioning, hashtags, video descriptions, and the social media copy you use to promote the completed video.

It will also control your video file name, video tags, titles, and so much more. When you know your keywords, you can use them at each point of your video’s journey from start to finish. 

These keywords will help shove your video to the top of Google rankings. You know what your potential customers are searching for, and the keywords you use match their search terms. 

This indicates to Google that you provide value to potential customers, and is able to match the search to results accurately. Sometimes, it may feel like Google is working against you. It’s not—instead, it’s working on behalf of the customer, which is what you should be doing, too.

Include A Transcript 

What is your experience as a consumer, with closed captioning? No one speaks the English language perfectly. Everyone has nuanced speech, accents, mannerisms, and unique quirks of speech. 

This is worsened by the fact that microphones don’t always pick up speech perfectly. All of this can translate to a ridiculous closed captioning experience. 

When someone is matching the captions with the words actually said, the content could be quite different! That’s why it’s crucial for you to invest in video transcription. 

This allows HOH people and members of the Deaf community to participate in consuming your content without accessibility barriers. In fact, Google has stepped up to the plate and started prioritizing accessibility. 

Here’s how it works. When companies put in the extra effort to invest in high-quality videography services that prioritize accessibility, Google notices. Accessibility means more people can access and gain value from your content. 

More people means more traffic and more value. Google prioritizes search results that deliver more value, and this will spike your numbers. 

Accessibility is the right thing to do, in order to reduce barriers of entry for your potential customers. But when you’re looking to outrank your competitors on Google, focusing on accessibility and transcription can make all the difference.

What’s the Load Time?

For efficient video SEO, your content needs to load quickly. Here’s the thing—experts have told us that we are living in the goldfish generation. This means that people have the average attention span of a goldfish. 

The most popular content on the Internet caters to this. It’s why viral videos are short clips, why there’s a time limit on TikTok reels, and why everything moves at such a rapid, overwhelming pace. 

Attention spans are short, which means that companies need to either get to the point or get out. Research shows that if your video takes more than 3 seconds to load, a significant percentage of people will exit out and look for something else. 

You’re not the only one delivering your product or service. Plenty of other people are doing it, too. While your angle is unique enough to deserve a customer’s attention, they don’t know that yet. 

As a business, you need to leverage your video SEO to earn their trust. The best way to do that starts by respecting their time and their attention span. 

Social Media Promotion 

When engaging with top-notch video SEO services, you’ll receive a great end product. You should be proud of this representation of your brand—which means you should promote it on social media!

All of your videos should be published on your social media channels. There are two crucial reasons for this. To start with, there’s no reason to turn down publicity. 

No one is refreshing your site every five minutes to see if your brand has published a new video. But when you promote it on the company’s Twitter channel, for instance, people will get notified. 

With any luck, they’ll click on it, take a look, and engage with it. That’s the type of publicity that no brand will turn down. 

It’s also important for backlinking purposes. As Google crawls through content and indexes it, it’s looking for backlinks. 

When you publish a new video on your brand website, that’s where the video lives. That’s where the link is located. But when Google notices that Facebook and Twitter backlinked to it, the algorithm perks up and takes a closer look. 

After all, backlinking indicates greater value. Greater value means content deserves a higher Google ranking, which can help you sail to the #1 spot.

Engaging with Videography Services 

Whether you’re trying to boost your YouTube video SEO or looking for top-notch website brand videos, our videography services have you covered. Our knowledge and expertise can help your brand rise through Google’s rankings and attract attention. 

If you need top-notch creative digital marketing services, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to see how we can help!




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