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The Best SEO for Medical Spas

by | Jan 19, 2022

The Best SEO for Medical Spas

SEO can provide your med spa with a steady stream of customers. SEO strategies put you in front of customers who are actively looking for your services.

Medical spas can also use paid advertising and social media. However, an SEO strategy adds the icing to the cake.

SEO marketing puts medical spas in front of search engine users. People may find your med spa by searching on Google. They may look for nearby medical spas and see yours.

Many medical spas optimize their websites and content to rank higher. Google only has a few spots on their first page. How can your medical spa rank above the others?

We work with several medical spas and can help yours rise above the competition. We’ll share some SEO marketing best practices to boost your medical spa’s visibility.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Google continuously works to optimize the user experience. Low-performing websites get removed from the first page.

A user-friendly website gets you on Google’s good side. User-friendly websites contain clear navigation and calls to action.

Load time influences your website’s user-friendliness. Users will not wait for a website to load for 10 seconds. People want quick access to web pages.

You can use a website loading speed test to see your current status. Strive for a load time under five seconds.

Shorter load times don’t only help with search engines. They also increase retention. People will spend more time on your site.

Search engines also look at your website’s mobile experience. Some medical spas only focus on the desktop version of their sites.

A friendly desktop setup will get derailed by a poorly designed mobile site. Many people use their smartphones to browse the web. Search engines don’t want to show poorly optimized pages on mobile devices.

Produce Content with the Right Keywords

Creating content helps you rank on search engines. People can type phrases and find your blog posts.

Blog posts also help promote your services. You can invite readers to schedule an appointment at the end of your blog posts.

You can also explain why patients should get specific procedures. Answering common questions will make customers feel more confident about your services.

Your content can also clear up objections. Business owners should determine common pain points and objections. Addressing these concerns in your content will warm up prospects.

Content boosts sales and visibility. However, you must use the right keywords for your content. Failing to conduct keyword research will significantly limit your content’s reach.

You can use a resource like SEMrush to conduct your research. This tool provides vital data about keyword volume, competition, trends, and CPC numbers.

Free SEO tools such as Yoast, Google Trends, and UberSuggest also help with research.

Once you find keywords, start incorporating them into your content. Sprinkle the keywords into your content while avoiding keyword stuffing.

You can create articles around individual keywords. Writing more blog posts lets you spread your efforts instead of relying on a single piece.

Use Meta Titles and Descriptions

The Google algorithm isn’t as smart as business owners think. An algorithm won’t know what your blog post or page covers.

You must inform the algorithm about your blog post’s topic. Meta titles and descriptions achieve this goal.

Search engines will look at your meta titles and descriptions for guidance. These features tell Google what your site covers.

You can use a meta title and description for each blog post. If you do not provide a custom meta title, Google will look at your title header.

Without a custom description, Google will review your blog post’s first 155-160 characters. These initial characters may not include the keyword. Your initial 155-160 characters may not draw potential visitors.

Custom meta titles and descriptions do a better job of drawing visitors to your site.

Build Backlinks to Outrank Other Medical Spas

Google heavily weighs backlinks when ranking websites. When another website links to yours, it’s a backlink. These links indicate trust and authority.

Over a decade ago, companies would buy backlinks in bulk. However, Google shut down this strategy and penalized companies with spammy backlinks.

This practice kept out bad actors. However, many people misinterpreted this event as the death of backlinks.

Backlinks remain a vital way to gain traction, but only if you get them naturally. Writing guest posts is a common strategy to get backlinks. You can write for other sites and include a link to your med spa in the byline.

Capitalize on Local SEO

Most medical spas don’t want international traffic. They can only provide services on-site. These medical spas need a local SEO strategy to get new customers.

Your med spa must have a Google My Business account. This account lets your company rank for local search terms.

You should mention all of your locations on your website. This information will help prospects find the best location to receive your services. You may even want to create a page on your website for each location.

Get Professional Help for Your SEO

Medical spas around the world compete for a few spots on Google’s first page. Med spas in your area compete to get a share of the local market.

Enhancing your website’s SEO will increase your reach and lead to new customers. However, SEO can get complicated. Even if you know what you’re doing, it takes time to implement and see results.

Small businesses use our SEO services to reach customers and expand revenue. Get in touch with us today to see how we can improve your SEO results.



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