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Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Chiropractors: Drive More Organic Leads

Our Chiropractic SEO experts will boost your search engine rankings on Google with our exclusive Chiropractor SEO strategy. Get the new patients needed to build a thriving community practice. 

Who We help

Experts In Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

No matter the age of your business, our team has the tools and experience to kickstart the growth of your chiropractic practice.


We enhance the brand awareness and domain authority of websites for chiropractic practices, ensuring they stand out in the digital landscape against competitors, and attract a consistent flow of new patients to their site.

Wellness Centers

Our team specializes in using effective digital marketing strategies for wellness centers, helping them create a vibrant online presence and connect with health-minded individuals in their community.

Joint & Nerve Specialists

We elevate joint & nerve specialists' online presence and drive patient engagement to promote practice growth through our strategic digital marketing tactics from paid advertising to SEO.

How We Help

Everything You Need To Build A Strong Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization

We work to enhance your website's relevance in the eyes of search engines, leading to increased organic traffic, higher user engagement, and better conversion rates.


Incorporating a modern and visually appealing layout, intuitive user interfaces, and clear calls to action, we improve your dental website's overall user experience.


A scalable and flexible way to increase your website traffic, boost brand awareness, and drive new patients, making it a valuable tool for your dental advertising strategy.


We utilize user data to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, resulting in more effective advertising and increased engagement. 

& Video

Compelling visuals can enhance a brand's storytelling, capture audience attention, and foster a deeper connection with the target market, ultimately boosting brand awareness.


An alternative to printable PDF forms, we provide customized digital forms that help you meet HIPAA compliance in a convenient way.

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Why is SEO for Chiropractors so Important?

SEO for Chiropractors (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool that drives the majority of traffic to your website. It helps you create a user-friendly website, provides engaging content, and encourages search engines to rank your site highly. SEO services for chiropractors is made up of various strategies, such as using high-quality keywords, ongoing review management, local seo, and fresh content to impact google search results. Contact us to set up a complimentary site analysis where we will evaluate your current SEO, provide keyword research, and identify ways in which we can improve. We will go over your chiropractic practice goals and show you how we can help you achieve them. Click below to learn who we provide the best Chiropractic SEO services.

Chiropractor SEO Experts

Harris & Ward can implement various white-hat SEO techniques to help you achieve increased authority and visibility. These digital marketing techniques combine to provide a full suite of collaborative SEO avenues that translate into more organic search leads. We incorporate both on and off-page optimization efforts, blog post content, chiropractic keywords, and more to build the best chiropractic seo strategy.

Authority Link Building

Our SEO services include a comprehensive backlinking strategy to boost your site traffic and site authority in the eyes of Google. We’ll secure high-quality, natural, in-content links to your site to get more traffic to your site and boost your rankings. We’ll also create in-content, contextual links on blogging platforms to build a base of authority for your site.


Keyword Research

Our team will pinpoint the best-performing keywords for your search area and implement them into your site’s content. We can sprinkle in keywords naturally, avoiding “keyword stuffing” that does more harm than good. 


Content Writing

We have content specialists that can create SEO-friendly content that hits both keyword metrics and provides value for customers.

Search engines prefer sites with fresh content that makes sense and provides insight into you and your business. From blog writing to on-page web copy,  we provide a consistent flow of content, which helps you rank higher as an authoritative source.

Results Tracking with Google Search Console

By setting up a Google Search Console account for your chiropractic office, we can track all performance results in one convenient location to assess how the SEO strategy is working and make any necessary adjustments. 


SEO For Chiropractors

Our pricing is simple. Choose a Managed plan, and we’ll get started on your custom campaign!


Want to Outrank Your Competitors?

SEO for Chiropractors is the most trusted traffic your practice can acquire. Chiropractic seo should play a major role in your marketing plan. Targeting highly trafficked chiro search terms will ensure your practice appears on page one of the most important search engines, Google. Learn how to grow your practice with expert chiro seo marketing services.

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We take pride in our ability to create custom websites that match the exceptional quality our clients offer in their own businesses.

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Increase in Web Traffic

Through video, photo, and a new website design, we were able to create a cohesive digital presence that accurately represents the quality of care that Wardlaw Orthodontics provides.

Website | Photo & Video | SEO

With a wide range of orthodontic services offered, it was important for us to create a website that showcases their skills and also provides patients with a seamless user experience. 

Website | Photo & Video

What Does Chiropractor SEO Consist Of?

If you are looking for effective chiropractor SEO services to help grow your organic rankings we’re here to help. Harris and Ward is a digital marketing agency that can help your site become a reputable source in organic Google search results and get you ranking above your competition. Let us help you get in front of your client base, and lead your chiropractor clinic to success.

Our SEO services include:

Keyword Research & Optimization

Link Building


Content Writing for SEO

On-Page & Off-Page Strategy


Transparent Reporting

What Sets Harris & Ward Apart

It can be difficult to figure out seo for chiropractors if you don’t have any experience in the area. We have a proven track record of managing successful SEO campaigns for our healthcare clients.  We’ll make it easy to understand what’s working with transparent reporting and open communication about the health of your campaign.  

Using a strategy specific to your business needs, our goal is to attract organic traffic to your practice’s websites, increasing your patient base and your revenue. Organic traffic is the most trusted source of website growth.

Contact us to learn how our unique strategy boosts traffic and seo for chiropractors.

Ready to Outrank Your Competitors on Search Engines?

Take your chiropractic practice SEO performance to the next level. We are standing by ready to conduct a complimentary SEO analysis and show you how our seo for chiropractors strategies can increase conversion and retention rates. We look forward to helping your practice grow!

Work with the Best Chiropractor SEO Agency

Harris & Ward is the top choice for chiropractic seo services. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and get connected with one of our team members!

Chiropractic SEO Strategy

Chiropractor SEO is a crucial element for chiropractors seeking to establish a strong online presence and attract more potential patients. With an increasing number of people relying on search engines to find healthcare providers, implementing effective SEO techniques can significantly enhance a chiropractor’s visibility and rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). A successful chiropractic SEO strategy involves a combination of on-page optimization, such as incorporating relevant keywords in website content, meta tags, and headers, as well as off-page optimization, including link building and social media engagement. Additionally, local SEO tactics, such as optimizing Google My Business listings and acquiring positive reviews, can help chiropractors target their local audience effectively. By employing a well-rounded chiropractic SEO strategy, practitioners can increase their online visibility, attract organic traffic, and ultimately convert more visitors into valuable patients.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile holds immense value for chiropractors looking to enhance their online visibility and attract local patients. This free and powerful tool allows chiropractic practices to create a comprehensive online listing that appears in Google Search and Maps results. Chiropractors can provide essential information such as their practice name, address, contact details, business hours, and website link. They can also showcase photos of their clinic, staff, and treatments, creating a visual representation of their practice. Patients can leave reviews and ratings, which not only contribute to the chiropractor’s credibility but also influence potential patients’ decision-making process. Regularly updating the profile with new posts, offers, and updates helps keep patients informed and engaged. By optimizing their Google Business Profile, chiropractors can ensure that their practice stands out in local search results, attracting a steady stream of patients and establishing a strong online presence within their community.

Major Components of Chiropractor SEO

The first component of SEO is on page optimization. On page optimization means that your website has been built in a way that it clearly shows Google, and other search engines, what you are trying to talk about. The majority of websites today fail this test.

Here’s an example: Let’s say that you created a page about back pain on your website, and you want your page to show up when people in your city search for back pain. In order for this to happen a number of things have to be in place.

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

The second major component of SEO is off page optimization. Off page optimization means that you are getting votes from other websites online. So how do you get a vote?

At some point you’ve been on a website and clicked a link that took you off that site to another website. A link like that is called a backlink, and having high quality backlinks pointing to your website will have an impact on the rank of your website and your internal pages.

There are many different places that you can get backlinks from. Having your website listed in certain directories online will help you to get some backlinks, and websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter also allow you to build links to pages in your site.

Some links are more powerful than others, and some are safer than others. If Google sees that you are building links to your site from low quality neighborhoods they can filter your website out of the search results. Today it’s very important to make sure your back-link profile is high quality.


Every website contains metadata on each page. This metadata is like a summary of what your page is about. Google and other search engines use this metadata to help them quickly decide if your page should be considered to rank when a search is entered online.

Let’s say that you live in the city of Chicago, IL. Your back pain page meta data needs to contain the words “Chicago” and “Back Pain”. Back pain alone will have you competing against the entire world, when you really only want to rank in the city of Chicago.

Meta data consists of Title Tags, Descriptions, and Keywords. A well designed website will have clear meta information on each and every page that fits the content of that page.


Page Content

In addition to having the correct meta information you also have to have page content that matches it. The words you write in your content need to be congruent with the title of the page, as well as the description, and keywords. If everything flows together you have a great chance of reaching the top of the results.

Page Length

The page length also plays a factor in your ability to rank for certain search terms. You should ideally have pages that are longer than 400 words, but I would say the longer the better. Write high quality content that contains lots of content that should include pictures as well as videos and other interesting features.

How to Build The Perfect Chiropractic SEO Strategy?

Your digital chiropractic marketing strategy is more important than ever. Why? When you look for businesses or services online, how often do you go past the first page? In fact, you can check for yourself, go to Google and search for “chiropractic care near me” or, “chiropractic back pain relief in my city”. If your practice’s website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google’s search results (SERPs), then you’re losing business to other chiropractic practices nearby. Data is power and digital marketing today is loaded with information that makes growing your business easy. Chiropractic SEO is a crucial element of any digital marketing strategy. Ensuring that your chiropractic practice outranks the competition on the search engine results page is our top priority. Not sure where to start? We’re the leading Chiropractor SEO company and we’ve got a plan for you.

SEO for Dentists

Use SEO to Help Your Chiropractic Practice Grow

Optimize your website through strategic keyword analysis and optimization

Link Building for Dentists

8 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

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How to Generate Inbound Traffic to Your Dental Website

Drive high-quality, targeted leads to your website

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Search Optimization

When you partner with Harris & Ward, you’ll work side-by-side with an experienced SEO specialist that will be your point of contact for everything on the campaign. Contact us today to get started on SEO for your small business!