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We’re an experienced dental marketing company. Boost your visibility online and welcome more new patients when we apply our customized dental marketing strategies. Schedule a complimentary website and seo audit and we’ll customize a strategy for you.

Marketing Support to Help You Care for More People

You know that regular cleanings are essential to a healthy smile, but when was the last time that your dental marketing strategy had a check-up? Whether you are a new dentist in town or you just want to grow your business so you can help more people, you need the right strategy. There is no one size fits all approach. Your practice is unique from the inside out and it’s imperative for your practice growth that new patients see that online.

Harris & Ward is a group of healthcare marketing experts, specializing in strategic marketing in dentistry. We make sure you are have a plan tailored to the unique needs of your business. We work with hundreds of practices (large and small) to increase new patients and their internet marketing efforts. We work with businesses across the country and offer location exclusivity to all of our partners.

An Authentic Dental Marketing Company

Consumers often use Google search to find local businesses online before even considering calling or filling out a new patient appointment request. If your practice isn’t showing up in local search results it can be difficult for you to grow your business. We help providers of all specialties such as cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and multi-locations practices. We take the time to get to know your practice and build a custom solution. We start with a complimentary website and SEO audit that will provide you with an overall report on how your dental site is performing and what needs improvement. This data is essential for making sure you have a successful marketing strategy.


How People Search

Many individuals use the internet to find a variety of services, such as a new family dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, and more. To reach potential patients, it’s crucial to have a prominent presence in Google’s top search results. However, marketing budgets are often limited. Determining the right digital marketing mix can be a challenging task. Fortunately, Google provides valuable data that can help businesses identify where to focus their efforts, including direct mail, print marketing, social media, search engine optimization, video marketing, online reviews, and more. Choosing the appropriate marketing strategy requires the guidance of a competent agency.

An experienced digital marketing company can help your dental practice rank higher in Google and Bing searches. This makes it easier for those in need of the services you offer to find your practice. It’s important to prioritize the most trusted lead generation source, Google. Today’s digital landscape is all about consistant new patient leads. Google Ads and SEO for dentists is where the quality leads of today’s generation are coming from. The use of Google Ads places quick emphasis on driving phone calls and form submissions for your front office, while SEO lays the long term foundation for quality organic leads. We are marketing experts who believe in providing transparent, authentic services that help you grow your practice.

Get the Help You Need

If you’re looking for the leading dental marketing company, look no further. We have over ten years of experience working with dental practices of all sizes, helping them connect with local patients and increasing their revenue. The dental industry has long been underserved with quality marketing for dentists of all specialties. We prioritize the quality of long term partnerships. We are good at what we do, but we value working with good people more than anything. Let us help you reach the dental marketing success that you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how Harris & Ward can help you grow.

Grow Your Dental Practice

A lot goes into growing a dental practice. From creating quality web design to utilizing local SEO strategies. Our experienced healthcare marketing team can help you grow.

Contact us to learn more about what our dental marketing agency offers, and find out how we can help your business grow. It’s time that you focus on the patients within your practice. Let us handle the pressure of driving new patient growth.

Our creative services include:

Run a cost-effective Google Ads campaign

Boost visibility with a robust SEO strategy

Build a beautiful dental website

Create high-quality photos and videos

And more

Grow Your Dental Practice

We offer specialized marketing services to healthcare providers. Find out how we are helping practices across the country grow their businesses effortlessly so they can focus on what truly matters – their patients. Great brand building is much more than social media, direct mail, and dental postcards these days. You must have a great website that showcases the uniqueness of your dental office in order to drive more patients and phone calls.

Increase your patient numbers by optimizing your Google My Business profile. Potential patients often look to Google search first when looking for a dental office. Let us help write dental SEO content to make sure your practice appears at the top of search results. We will create blogs and design dental website content, differentiating you from other practices and general dentists, with the latest best practices in mind to increase traffic and conversions for your practice. Our dental marketing experts have a proven track record for providing quality leads that convert into potential new patients.


Attract New Dental Patients

Make sure you’re easy to find online, and make a great impression to attract new patients. Keep your schedule full by maintaining a high-performing website, effective advertising, and a strong social media and blog presence. See how you stack up against the local competition in terms of online visibility.


Manage Your Dental Practices Reputation

Use dental-specific solutions to improve your online reputation. Automated patient satisfaction surveys can help increase positive testimonials and improve the quality of patient interactions. Understand how your reputation compares to other top local dental offices.


Google Premier Partner

Use targeted advertising to appear at the top of search results and attract local patients. We specialize in reducing the cost per new patient. Harris & Ward is a Google Premier Partner, which is the highest level of partnership available at Google. It is reserved for marketing companies with a strong track record.

Changing Lives One Smile at Time-Starting With Yours

Your dental practice is a vital part of your community. Isn’t it time to give it the marketing strategy that it deserves? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and website evaluation.

Looking for the best dental marketing company?

Our team has decades of experience in the dental and group practice space. Our founders came from the Dental Support Organization (DSO) world and bring the knowledge and experience that allows our team to to compete with competitors large and small. We bring professionalism, fun, and the high-touch service that you deserve. Work with a team of dental industry experts that prioritize the human relationship of business.

Marketing for dental practices is a unique skill. There are no shortcuts. For far too long the dental industry has been presented sub par marketing solutions. Many provided by large suppliers turned “marketers.” You deserve the same level of creative and skill as any industry. At Harris & ward, we work to earn your trust month-over-month. We believe that personal relationships matter most. That’s why all of our services are monthly, with no contracts. Let us show you why we are one of the fastest growing dental marketing companies. 


Why Do You Need Our Dental Marketing Services?

Increase Brand Awareness and Credibility

Brand awareness is vital for your dental marketing success. New patients need to know you exist so that they can come to you. Digital marketing can put your business on the map, legitimize your brand, and grow your client list. Show off your office activity on your website and social media platforms to engage new patients. Online marketing is labor intensive and often partingering with the best dental marketing company will help you prioritize new patients.

Boost Your Online Presence

Active marketing campaigns like SEO and online marketing can help boost your online visibility. Dental marketing companies like us help you can rank higher on search engines, driving a lot of traffic to your business. What’s more, creating relevant, engaging content that goes viral can also boost traffic to your site. No matter how someone finds out about your business—whether through social media, an ad, a listing, direct mail, a friend, or even seeing it in their travels—their first inclination is to go to your website. Going into the business or calling is far less appealing than browsing your site on their own terms and gathering the information they want, quickly. Which is why 56% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website.

Get Ahead of Industry Trends

Having a digital marketing plan for your practice gives you access to unfiltered conversations between your target customers. Knowing the activity of your desired audience can help you understand emerging trends so that you can use them to attract them. You’ll also see what your customers think of your business and tell if they enjoy your services. You can also highlight areas you’re lacking in and correct them. Hiring a dental marketing team who can provide insight into your marketing efforts, reputation management, and provide the best dental marketing solutions can be extremely helpful.

Beat Your Competition

Every dental practice needs an edge over its competitors. Dentistry marketing can allow you to spy on your competition. By analyzing their marketing campaigns, you can understand the tactics of your competitors and learn their strengths to improve your marketing techniques. You can also identify their weaknesses and capitalize on them. Harris & Ward is the best dental marketing company for you.

Improve Your Customer Service

Platforms like social media allow your clients to make inquiries and voice their concerns. This makes communication between you and potential patients fast and easy. You improve your services by reaching out to them and making quick responses. It shows your clients that you value and care for them. Online marketing involves time and attention. Be sure to prioritize strong communication to attract more patients.

Humanize Your Brand

Many new patients won’t appreciate a clinic with a stiff, suit-and-tie approach. They want a more human brand. You can get personal with customers through digital marketing campaigns or your practice. Through creating compelling content and showing videos and photos of your activism around the community, you can build a bond with them. When all you do is sell, sell, and sell some more, your customers (rightfully so) tune out. Sometimes it’s more effective to tone down the sales pitch and offer helpful content that doesn’t directly involve your products or services.

This is the very essence of content marketing — something we advise major brands on every day.

Get More Qualified Leads

With millions using the internet, you already have access to a target audience. But attracting them isn’t enough. You need to ensure they become regular clients. To influence your clients purchasing decisions, you require quality and dependable marketing techniques. This will help your traffic translate to more patients.

Build Customer Content Reviews and Stories

As a dental specialist, you need to show off your handiwork. It can help boost your business. Customer success stories and photos can prompt other patients to visit your dental office. Digital marketing services like social media and web design can help you access positive customer reviews and share them. This will show target clients that you’re good at what you do. Marketing agencies provide reputation management to attract more patients.

Strategies For Proven Growth

Our team will help you achieve your marketing goals, whether you’re looking to attract new patients, improve team dynamics, or enhance the patient experience. Our tailored digital healthcare solutions, paired with expert advertising consulting, will be your most valuable investment. Get started by requesting a complimentary strategic plan and consultation. We’ve partnered with hundreds of practices across the country, in non-competing markets, and know exactly what it takes to outrank your competition.

Why Choose Harris & Ward?

We get you visible results and provide you with great customer service. We don’t believe in long-term contracts, because we’re confident you’ll be happy with our service. And, we’ll make marketing suggestions based on your current needs and goals. Each plan we create is custom, taking into account factors like your location, team strengths, dental niche, and goals. In short, your success is our success. Plus, we pride ourselves in being accessible and always willing to spend extra time discussion your practice needs.



We’ve been working with Healthcare professionals since 2014 and know the industry extremely well. We understand the frustrations and know what works and what doesn’t in terms of competition.


Did you know that a dental practice has to protect the information of people even before they become a patient? Even basic info like name, phone, and email has to be protected.


You can view us as your dedicated marketing department. We only work with one dental practice in each market. We believe that doing otherwise would be a conflict of interest.


Our services are month-to-month with no long term contracts. We provide the flexibility to add or remove channels as necessary on a monthly basis, so you’ll never have to be locked into a long-term contract.


You will have a dedicated team, from the best healthcare marketing agency, paired with one of our Partners who will be readily available to answer your calls and emails, as well as having regularly scheduled meetings to discuss your specific needs.


We are a Healthcare Agency focused on quality work and results. We were named a Top Dental Marketing Agency in 2023 and can help you outrank your competition.