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Great Dental Website That Gives You Reason to Smile

Having a high-quality dental website brings many opportunities for visibility and growth. The reality today is that it’s not enough to simply have a business website—it must stand out to convert interest into leads.

Consider this statistic. Online users can form an impression of a website, whether positive or negative, within just 50 milliseconds. First impressions count and if your website looks stale or outdated, the chances are that online users are going to look elsewhere. Even if a website passes this initial eye test, it must be fast, functional, and engaging if online users are going to complete an action (such as filling in a contact form).

Here at Harris & Ward, we understand the dental industry and the role that business websites play in promoting growth and visibility. A good quality website is at the heart of a dental business’s online marketing plan. We help dentists of all specialties such as cosmetic dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and multi-locations practices.

Schedule a consultation with our expert team today and let’s discuss your dental business’s goals for its new website. We have the expertise to build beautiful dental websites and help with every facet of digital marketing.

Our Process for Dental Website Marketing

There is a big difference between a template website and a custom website built intentionally for a business. At Harris & Ward, we create the best dental websites that remains true to your brand identity. That means we take a holistic approach to dental website design and development for professionals. Check out our 3-step process to creating beautiful dental websites here:

Step 1: Discovery

Our 3-step process begins with discovery. Once you reach out to our team, we will take the time to learn about your practice, its goals, and its plan for a new dental website. That way, we can create a website that truly fits your unique vision.

Step 2: Design & Development

The next step is site design & development. We will start by designing a mockup that shows the concept of the website we’re planning for you. We believe in working alongside our clients so that they always have the opportunity to make tweaks and provide creative feedback to help us turn their vision into a reality. Once you have approved our website mockup, we will get to work building out your site with our team of skilled web developers and content writers.

Step 3: Website Launch

Your dental website will undergo rigorous testing to ensure everything is technically sound, user-friendly, and ready to be found by the search engines before the official launch. Even once your website is live, we will perform routine safety and maintenance checks to keep your site live and secure so you have peace of mind.

Websites Built for Dentists

Drive new patients to your practice. Your website is designed and proven to convert visitors into new patients. We do this by communicating your expertise, highlighting your specialties, and expressing your personality in a website that’s loaded with interactive, lead capturing features.

Get the most complete, hassle-free dental website and marketing solution for your practice.

must-have features of a dental website:

Dedicated pages for each available treatment

HIPAA compliance

Location pages for multi-location practices

Dentist bios and photos

Procedure explanation videos

New patient forms

Before and after galleries

Social media icons in the footer

Benefits of a Dental Website

Having a dental website design that’s built specifically for your practice increases the amount of information that prospective clients can see about your practice and its treatments, staff, facilities, history, and reviews. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a high-quality dental website.


Information Sharing

We work with dentists of all specialties and this covers a range of treatments. The more information you provide on a specific treatment, the more comfortable online users will feel about choosing your practice. It’s also beneficial to package this information in different ways, including text, videos, images, infographics, and more. However you would like your dental website to look, we can make it happen with our fully custom designs.

Enhance Trust & Professionalism

Trust is an essential component of business, including when it comes to choosing a dentist. It’s estimated that around 36% of the population suffers from dental anxiety. A professional website that clearly explains each treatment and the qualities of the dentistry team helps to put prospective clients at ease, even before they step foot inside your dental clinic.


Promote Reputation

Patient reviews are another means of showcasing your business’s strengths. Posting testimonials from your patients is also a great advantage for gaining new patients and for increasing trust. Another key online feature is online appointment booking, which helps to attract people who have busy schedules and would prefer to not have to call for an appointment.

How Much Does a New Website Cost?

The cost of a new website depends on many factors, including the number of pages and specific features. We take pride in offering affordable prices as well as superior client service. Afterall, great dental websites don’t need to break the bank. They need to be clean, modern, and design with online booking and lead generation in mind. Please get in touch today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re proud of our reputation as one of the leading dental website designers in the United States. Keep reading to see what clients within the dental industry have to say about us.

I do have to say the website is one of the best I have seen. I’m not just saying that because it’s ours but because you guys really knocked it out of the park.Make sure you let the team know they should be proud of their work. My wife is a stickler for perfection (it’s a good trait to have as an orthodontist but can be difficult to deal with at times) and I am a stickler for technology. It really brings both elements in very nicely and looks like something Apple would create so it makes us both happy.
Justin & Cassie Zirbel

Owner | Orthodontist, Zirbel Orthodontics

Dental practice Websites by Harris & Ward

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