Solution Spotlight: Yext – Digital Knowledge Management

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

Written by: Bailey Ludt, Intern

The Challenge

Digital knowledge management is an important aspect of every company and oftentimes it can be outdated. Along with successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) comes the need to manage your company’s digital information, such as your company’s products, services or locations. This is an important element to use in order to increase your customer interaction and engagement, information accuracy, and traffic leading to sales. When we were looking to partner with a new brand management platform that could assist our clients to ensure their company information is being presented in the best possible way throughout the web, Yext became the obvious choice for us.

The Solution

In order to confidently know that our clients’ information being searched is represented in the most accurate way, we partnered with a company called Yext. Yext is a leading Digital Knowledge Management platform that gives companies control over their brand experience across the digital universe of maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants and other intelligent services that drive consumer discovery. In order to ensure that our clients have both excellent SEO and SMO results, we need to ensure that the information viewers are seeing are accurate facts, and that they’re 100% in sync across all directories. Yext does this by automatically auditing active company listings that can then be updated, replaced, or corrected if they include inaccurate information. Yext has many solutions in order to do so such as data cleansing, duplicate listing suppression, global data management, local pages, menu management and so many more. Yext is the ultimate solution to increasing your brand knowledge throughout the public to both current, as well as potential customers. It simply gives them direct connections to all the destinations where they may be seeking answers about your company.

We recently ran an audit on one of our client’s Facebook accounts. After doing this audit of information, it allowed us to see that everything on the orthodontic Facebook page was accurate and up to date, which contributes to the brand’s digital knowledge being factual and correct to viewers searching for that information, and just like we mentioned earlier, 100% in sync across all platforms. The audit included content such as their core information, provider information, patient access, social media and additional attributes that are key to the company’s SMO and SEO.


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