Membership Transparency: Behind the Scenes at Harris and Ward

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Customer Service, Harris & Ward, Web Design

Written by Kierstin Quick, Production Manager

Membership Transparency: Behind the Scenes at Harris and Ward 


Every few weeks you may have a change or two you want to implement on your website, and you know that Harris & Ward is always ready to help you out. The majority of the time, though, your website is left alone from the user’s perspective. So what exactly is Harris & Ward doing for you outside of your requests for changes on your website? What is the point of the H&W membership system? Perhaps you haven’t requested any changes for your website in months, so what exactly is the benefit of being a member of Harris & Ward? 


In a world of constantly evolving technology, Harris & Ward is striving to ensure that our clients have top-performing websites. This includes a number of regular practices we follow, such as… 


-Running monthly site and server updates, including WordPress, theme, and plugin updates.

-Monthly full website checks by our staff for desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the site to make sure everything is working properly. 

-Making sure your website is running on the latest version of PHP.

-Making sure your site is fully optimized for all types of technology.

-Monitoring the overall performance of your site and load speeds in accordance with Google’s constantly evolving regulations.

-Assess and make sure your site is still user-friendly (UX) and utilizes the latest in UX design techniques.


We do even more for our SEO clients, but we’ll cover that in a different post… 


So, what do these things mean? Why are they beneficial? As we promised when you joined the Harris & Ward team, we want to make sure your website is ever-evolving and never falling behind Google’s standards. 


Aren’t all website providers doing the same for their clients? NO! Most website hosts and providers simply build websites and then leave them to sit for years at a time. We can guarantee that a website build in 2008 that has few or no updates over the past 11 years is not performing up to Google’s standards. A website that was built only 1 year ago that has few or no updates is also not up to par! It is imperative that your site is being constantly updated. With Harris & Ward, you never have to worry that your site will be forgotten or left untouched. 


What does Harris & Ward do to make sure you are in good standing with Google? 

-When we build your website, we make sure your website copy is fresh and original. We start from scratch and carefully craft the wording to be unique to your business and engaging for anyone viewing the site.

-Before we launch your site, we make sure that your on-page SEO is set up and ready to go so that each page can be found via search engine in a presentable form. Page titles and descriptions are clear and the focus keywords are set.

-After your website launch, and regularly throughout the year, we run tests to make sure your site is performing at its best. 


How can you be proactive in making sure that your site is up to Google’s standards? How can you further your website’s standing with Google?

-Promote yourself and your website via social media. Share share share!

-Regularly blog and add new, fresh content to your site.

-If you see something you like on someone else’s site, ask us about it! It may be something that could be an awesome addition to your website.

-Claim your Google My Business listing and regularly respond to reviews, add photos, and keep your information up to date. 


If you have any questions or want to share your ideas for your site with us, just reach out to one of our team members! We would be happy to assist you in your updates.