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orthodontist marketing, Marketing for Orthodontists

Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

for Orthodontists

Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

for Orthodontists

orthodontist marketing, Marketing for Orthodontists

Is your Orthodontics practice making the most of social media?

Social media use is widespread, with 51% of US adults visiting Facebook multiple times a day. Expanding your marketing reach to include social media can have incredible results for your business, some more subtle than others.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read on for 10 hidden benefits of marketing on social media for orthodontists.

10 hidden benefits of marketing on social media

1. Increase Brand Awareness and Legitimacy

Two of the biggest benefits of any business is the boost to brand awareness and legitimacy. As an orthodontist, this is something you and your practice can cash in on too! If potential customers don’t know you exist, how can they come to you?

73% of small businesses are now investing in social media, and it is easy to see why. Once you’re out there, it’s a great tool for legitimizing your brand. Show off your activity by keeping an up-to-date social media page with regular, new content.

2. Quick Access to Industry Trends

You’ll have access to unfiltered conversations between potential customers and competitors alike. You’ll see what your competition is doing well, and their customer complaints.

Your target audience’s activity can also tip you off on any emerging trends. You can tap into those trends via social listening. It’ll show you what customers are thinking when they talk about your business.

This can tell you what products and services your customers enjoy most. It will also highlight any areas they might think you’re lacking in. This way you can make a move to rectify any issues.

3. Competitive Analysis

Social media marketing allows you to spy on your competition. What are they promoting? What sort of ads and campaigns are they favoring? How is your campaign strategy different?

By analyzing these things, you can open up new avenues for your content and advertising. They might be putting a lot of resources into Facebook but not Instagram. You could then focus on user-generated content or influencer marketing to stand out.

4. Better Customer Service

Social media has become the go-to for consumers to voice any concerns or questions. Unlike phone calls and email it is quick and easy.

It’s important that you have positive experiences on show as the whole world can see them. People will know you’re committed to providing a great service if you’re quick to respond.

People are also more likely to want to use your services if they can see you treat other customers well. People want to know they’re valued and can get the answers they need in a prompt manner.

5. Positioning Power

Having an active online social media presence will give your business positioning power. But you have to be active. If your competition has an active Facebook page while you’ve neglected yours for months, it’s not going to look good.

Be consistent in uploading new customer stories and relevant content. This could be meet the team segments, or a tour of your practice. You could even do a ‘how it’s done’ video.

This will show you’re open and active to new, potential customers. Your social media page may well be the first thing they see after a Google search.

6. Better Search Engine Presence

Ad click-throughs and shares flag up to Google as ‘positive searches’. In short, the more browsing via social media, the bigger the boost to your search performance. Social media can present a huge traffic source for your business.
As a content distribution source, you don’t want to ignore social media.

A relevant, engaging piece of content could score hundreds of likes and shares. This can then see a huge upturn in traffic to your site. More traffic means more potential customers.

7. Appeal to Younger Audiences

It isn’t only the younger generation that social media attracts, but they are the ones more likely to need corrective work done on their teeth.

As these will be your future clients, you’re going to need to adapt to this trend to keep up. Otherwise, you might be losing out on business. Without a fresh intake of new clients, your practice won’t have longevity.

To attract this segment of the market, you’ll need to go beyond ads or TV commercials. The current place to be is Instagram. Most Instagram users are 30 years or younger.

8. Humanize Your Business

It’s a trend these days to ditch the stiff, suit-and-tie approach and show something more human. Getting personal with customers on social media is a product of this trend.

People don’t expect businesses to take a more casual tone or show a human side. As they don’t expect it, it’s refreshing to see and increases engagement with your content.

You can also achieve this through activism or charity work. Are your elastics made of sustainably sourced latex? Yes? Then shout about it. People would love to know how you’re practicing sustainability in the orthodontic field.

9. More Leads

This point is a simple one, but the key to any business’ success – more leads. With billions of people engaging in social media daily, your audience is waiting. Through social media content or paid ads, you’ll be reeling in more leads.

People’s purchasing decisions are highly influenced by what they see via social media. Having a positive, active social media presence introduces more people to your services. This, in turn, will convert to more sales as your reputation builds.

10. Build Customer Content and Stories

As an orthodontist, it’s natural to want to show off your great handiwork. But did you know it could boost your business too?

Customer success stories and photos are key to getting higher conversion rates. Social media is the best place to find these and use them to your advantage.

By monitoring tags and mentions, you can share positive customer reviews and stories. This will help reinforce your brand and people will know you’re good at what you do.

Benefits of Marketing

on Social Media you don't want to miss

So there you have it! Your orthodontics practice could easily be enjoying the benefits of marketing on social media. Don’t delay and see what a difference a social media presence can make to your business. You’ll see brand awareness and legitimacy grow. Post regular, engaging and relevant content. Customer stories, meet the team and practice tours are a good choice. Now you know the importance of marketing on social media, be sure to get the most out of it by checking out our article on choosing social media that works for your business.

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