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Title Leader is a first-of-its-kind software for CEO’s and managers of law firms, creating a need for fast and efficient content communication. They had an existing brand identity, but the website design, content, and marketing materials needed an overhaul to be more effective.

Web design & development

Title Leader’s existing website focused on the complex software built, but not on its benefits. We reworked site navigation and page structure to reflect solutions Title Leader can provide rather than features of the software. Creation of a page showing potential gains and cost savings for every stakeholder in a firm using Title Leader gives clear benefits — quickly — to potential clients.

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Content management and marketing strategy:

Title Leader had existing copy for marketing materials, videos, pitches, and presentations. We edited these so that they are concise and efficient at communicating software structure and benefits. We also created and managed Hubspot marketing emails to raise brand and product awareness to potential firms and companies. 

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