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The story of Amit Chopra, the owner of Forefront Wealth, stood out the most to us. He is very passionate about doing small things to create big changes over time. He uses this philosophy in many different aspects of his life, including wealth management, and he wanted to be able to articulate it easily through the video. For the website, we went with a clean, modern design to keep it as simple as possible for the clients.

Video Production

Financial planning is a personal business. Amit speaks to his clients, outlining his wealth management philosophy and driving home the message that client financial success is at the heart of Forefront Wealth. 

Web design & development

Forefront Wealth’s website is an accessible platform that walks potential clients through the financial planning process and is a strong educational resource for wealth management.


Financial Planning is a service industry that’s more than client-facing. Our photos capture the personal, relationship-centered aspect of Forefront Wealth Management. 

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