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We’ll introduce you to our customer service team and tell you what you can expect next. Let’s get started

Meet the Production Team

Our customer service team, Kierstin, Allison, Corey, and Bradley will be your main contacts for this project. They are always just a phone call or an email away!

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Kierstin will help oversee the buildout of your site. She specializes in streamlining processes and making it easy to work with us.

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Allison specializes in the production process and client support. She’ll help make sure your website stays up to date.

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With a background in business management and customer service, Corey is excellent at anticipating your questions and solving your problems.

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Bradley specializes in all things design, photo + video, and is here to make your brand look great.

What You Can Expect from H+W

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We will talk to you! We'll keep you updated during the entire process, and reach out if we need something. We'll respond promptly whenever you reach out.

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Expert advice and guidance. We'll always give you our honest opinion, even if it's different from yours.

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Delivery of exceptional products that showcase you and your business as outlined in your agreement.

What We Expect from You

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Talk to us! If you're unsure about something, please reach out. A prompt response from you helps ensure timelines are met.

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Timely delivery of assets. This could include copy for your website or your logo, but if we ask for something, we are often stuck in a holding pattern until we can get it!

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Prompt Payment

Our Process

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Phase 1 involves mostly logistics and answering questions. We’ll plan your photoshoot, develop a timeline, and start figuring out the vision for your website.


Website Kickoff

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After you’ve chosen a direction for your site, we’ll start building it! We’ll check in regularly during the process, and make updates as needed. We’ll meet at least twice during this phase, but are happy to have additional meetings.

Homepage Design

Full Site Review Meetings

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Review & Launch

Once your website is ready to go, we’ll make sure everything is exactly as planned.

Confirm Domain + Email

Pre-launch steps

Site Launch

Post-launch steps

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Maintenance and Continued Membership

Our relationship doesn’t end once your site is live! That’s the benefit of Harris + Ward membership

When your website needs editing or updates

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Marketing and Optimization

We actively work to improve your rankings on the internet and increase qualified traffic to your site.

If you haven’t already signed on with one of our SEO plans, learn more here 

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Med Spas


Small Businesses

Website Design

Creative and functional design.

Search Engine Optimization

Outrank your competition.

Local SEO (Maps)

Rank high in maps.

Paid Advertising

Quickly impact revenue.

Photo & Video

Authenticity through digital storytelling.


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