Defining Social Signals

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Harris & Ward, Marketing

Social signals in Search Engine Optimization refer to the impact your social media can have on your search rankings. The impact is two-fold.

First, your social media accounts serve as a directory, allowing people to look up your business and get more than just your address. This directory effect makes customer reviews posted to your social media (specifically Google My Business and Facebook) particularly important. Positive reviews help validate your business to potential customers, and they also impress search engines. Robust social profiles frequently show up in the first few search results for your business name, and Google aggregates review data and shows that information on your Google My Business result.

Second, social media is a great place to share links and generate website traffic. For example, if you write a helpful blog post and people share it on their social media, this signals that your content is helpful while also generating traffic to your website. Social signals, including post shares, page shares, and even your overall likes, demonstrate to search engines that your business is being talked about and looked at by consumers.

Social signals boost search engine ranking because the search engines see these signals as an equivalent to recommendations from people. The more you are positively talked about and the more people recommend you, the more likely search engines are to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Getting the word out about your business on social media can help build the size of your consumer audience, web presence, and ultimately your search engine ranking, which will help people find your business’ website more quickly and easily.