Choosing Social Media That Works for Your Business

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Facebook, marketing, Social Media

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Written by Allison Cooper, Client Relations

With over 3 billion users on social media globally, there’s no question of if your business should have a social media presence or not. Social media is an accessible channel for customers to learn about your brand. Your business can display its authentic voice while allowing you to adequately promote your products and services, leading to higher conversion rates for your business. 

 The question then comes down to strategy. It’s important to know what social media platforms your customers are on and how they engage on these platforms. To provide a better understanding of social media platforms and which type may work best for your business, we’ve simplified a list of 3 different types of social media and how best to utilize them based on your business’s needs.

 Social Networking –  Facebook and LinkedIn

Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are probably the most conventional forms of social media. These types of sites are termed “networking” because users have multiple ways to interact.  

Facebook Demographics:

21% of users are women ages 25-44

19% of user are men ages 24-34

There are more male Facebook users than women, worldwide.

Facebook is the second most used platform worldwide according to Pew Research Center. If you are a new business or have recently rebranded, this may be a great platform to begin to reach a large audience. If you’re a marketing manager for a children’s dental office, your primary target audience is likely mothers. Because women ages 25-44 make up a large group of Facebook users, this would be an ideal platform for mothers to find your business. 

Aside from the audiences that you can reach with Facebook, it’s also a great platform to display frequently sought after information about your business. Users may seek out hours of operation, where they can find a link to your website, and upcoming events that you’re organization may be hosting.

 LinkedIn Demographics: 

51% of College Graduates use LinkedIn

57% of LinkedIn users are male, while 43% are female

87 million millennials are on LinkedIn with 11 million in decision-making positions

LinkedIn is a great platform for your business to be especially if you’re a company offering professional or B2B services. It’s ideal for networking with other professionals in your industry and can also act as a great tool for posting job opportunities within your company. On LinkedIn, you can share valuable content related to your industry, such as a blog post you’ve written, and regularly posting will not only make your company stand out as a credible voice in your field, but also help you gain more connections, and potentially your next lead. 

Video Sharing – YouTube

 YouTube Demographics:

62% of YouTube users are male.

95% of all internet users go to YouTube

Youtube accounts for ⅔ of online videos watched among millennials

 Over 50% of consumers prefer video content to other forms of content and 83% of consumers turn to YouTube for video. As a business, you can utilize entertaining and informative content through video. You can give customers and patients a glimpse into the heart of your business and the “why” behind your mission statement. To spur traffic to your website, you can link to your site directly from any video you post.

Photo Sharing – Instagram

Photo sharing sites allow you to share content that is centered around photos with text. One of the most popular photo sharing platforms is Instagram. In contrast to social networking sites, the key to success on these types of platforms is sharing valuable photo and written content that engages viewers. Visual content is king, and according to Hubspot, viewers are able to recall 65% of the visual content they see 3 days later. 

 Instagram Demographics:

71 % of users are under the age of 35

17% of users are male ages 24-35 and 16% are women ages 24-35

35% of online adults use Instagram with 28% living in the U.S. 

 Instagram is great for showcasing photos that capture your brand, what your offices look like, and even the people that work for your company, helping to boost the human component of your business. You can post product photos or photos that depict a service you offer in a compelling way. You can even add shoppable links to photos that will direct users to purchase your products. 

 In the past two years, businesses have capitalized on using Instagram stories to share quick messages and updates, repost user-generated content, and more. You can also add Story Highlights that are displayed at the top of your profile to give your followers quick access to information like FAQs and product offerings. For example, if you’re a services oriented business, you can create a Story Highlight detailing the different types of services you offer.  

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